Professional Event Executive Producer for National Conferences and Meetings

Calling the Cues to make General Sessions Flow Seamlessly

concerts keynotes events christianUnderstanding production from both onstage and behind the scenes gives Purpose Productions the upper hand when it comes to providing you with an event executive producer. Founder Melissa Barber has extensive experience as an onstage talent and an executive producer who directs and calls shows.

Executive production is about steering the ship and guiding all the key players—from the leads on the audiovisual crew to the stage presenters and entertainers—with the end goal of executing a stage production that flows seamlessly, hitting all the cues, delivering all the content and providing a superior experience for your attendees.

While clients may host an event once in a while, Purpose Productions event executive producers run a variety of shows and events throughout the calendar year in numerous venues throughout the United States. Rely on Purpose Productions to manage your sessions once on show site, so you can focus on managing the many other interrelated aspects of the conference or event.

The event executive producer gets to know your event and content very closely, in order to direct all aspects of your general sessions and presentations. In addition to overseeing the production team on a variety of show aspects, the executive producer can provide coaching services for those presenters requiring some help getting comfortable with speaking in front of a large crowd before the big event day arrives.

Event planners, hosts, venues and AV companies should contact Purpose Productions about executive producer services.