Scriptwriting for Corporate Event Presenters

Corporate Presentation Script Writing Services Bringing Your Message to the Stage

concerts keynotes events christianCorporate presentation script writing starts by outlining your entire presentation in a Run of Show document detailing who is speaking, the timing and the topics—all to coincide with your entire event’s theme, schedule, meals and more.

Once the Run of Show is approved, a producer will manage the scriptwriter(s) assigned to your project—with the end result of approved scripts that can be teleprompted, bullet point speaking topics, or condensed speaker notes embedded in PowerPoint presentations. The production team assigned to your script development will get to know the event host/planner, the presenters and your topics to successfully assist you in the development of useful and powerful content.

Contact Purpose Productions for script writing samples and to discuss your particular program needs. Corporate presentation script writing is one of many event production services offered by Purpose Productions—all of which can be combined into a comprehensive event production package for your conference staging needs.