Modern Catholic Concerts

Time for Praise, Reflection and Joy

concerts keynotes events christianPurpose Productions presents Catholic concerts at churches and a variety of other venue types such as performing arts centers, outdoor venues, schools, cafes, convention centers, youth centers, ministry centers, church festivals, and more. The concerts provide an opportunity for attendees to grow closer to God—to be blessed by this time of reflection through music—and are an excellent evangelization tool for people of all ages and walks of life.

These spirit-filled events have been described as invigorating, healing, uplifting and, of course, inspiring. With a beautiful blend of traditional music and contemporary songs, the objective of Catholic concerts is to feed souls while also opening up hearts and minds to the beauty of both eras of Catholic worship music. All are invited to sing along as we honor and praise God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Catholic singer and speaker Melissa Barber brings in trained musicians and singers and may also incorporate into the event your own music ministers or musicians.

There are many ways to incorporate Catholic concerts into your faith community, including:

  • Presenting as a session at a conference
  • Offering as part of a parish mission
  • Instituting as an evangelization/outreach offering
  • Inspiring a student youth group
  • Providing as a special event for a church congregation
  • Presenting as an introduction to modern Catholic worship music
  • Highlighting at a church picnic or outdoor festival
  • Concluding a retreat day

Listen to a demo below.

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