Praise and Worship Concerts

Bringing People Together to Worship the Lord

concerts keynotes events christianPurpose Productions presents praise and worship concerts at a variety of venues, for groups of all ages. These spirit-filled events have been described as invigorating, healing, uplifting and inspiring. Contemporary Christian music is presented and all are invited to sing along. During the concerts, participants can praise God for all He is and thank Him for all He’s done. They are invited to let the songs guide them in their personal worship of God — with reverent adoration.

There are many ways to incorporate  praise and worship concerts, including:

  • Presenting as a session at a conference
  • Inspiring a student youth group
  • Providing as a special event for a church congregation
  • Bringing a diverse group of Christians/churches together
  • Concluding a retreat day

Listen to a demo below.

Learn more about Christian female vocalist, Melissa Barber.

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Concerts can be staged in so many types of venues including churches, performing arts centers, theaters, outdoor venues, schools, cafes, convention centers, youth centers, ministry centers, festivals, memorials, fundraisers, tributes, worship centers and more.