Spiritual Retreat Planning and Speaking

Include a Special Guest Retreat Speaker in Your Plans

concerts keynotes events christianRetreat (verb): withdraw to a quiet or secluded place

Retreat (noun): a period of seclusion for the purposes of prayer and meditation; a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax

Sounds good, right? Everyone needs time to recharge personally and spiritually. Retreats give people the opportunity to find stillness and open their hearts, minds and souls to the Holy Spirit, as they grow closer to Christ. The team at Purpose Productions loves retreats—whether attending, hosting, planning, or providing a guest retreat speaker or singer to present.

Purpose Productions offers numerous ministry and planning services in relation to spiritual retreats. Founder Melissa Barber brings a broad range of retreat experience, having worked on planning teams for youth retreats, women’s retreats and adult formation retreats. With a combination of the ministry and event production services at Purpose Productions, you can choose from many retreat services including organizational, planning, creative and spiritual content development, healing services, activity creation, implementation and more.

If you are seeking a guest retreat speaker/singer, Melissa can work with you to craft a segment that includes music, messaging, interaction, reflection and other activities, as you so desire. Speaking topics include divorce and annulment, reigniting faith, living out faith in the workplace and the spiritual gift of creativity.

Contact Purpose Productions to discuss your retreat planning and speaker needs.